12 April 2018

/ Seb Brown's Capsule Collection: Encrusted Diamond Rings /


In honour of April's birthstone, the diamond, Seb Brown presents an exclusive new capsule collection of four diamond rings to treasure.

Exploring a radiant palette, Seb's rings use white, yellow and champagne diamonds to conjure warmth and connection between maker, object, and those whom they adorn.

Handmade by Seb in his Melbourne studio, these pieces present themselves as once lost treasures, ready for their glowing moment. Visit us in the gallery to see them, or follow the links below to snap one up before they go!

Examining these rings close up reveals the intricate details of how these gems have been embedded into the metal.
Eleganza ring with champagne diamond | Extra Double Eye white diamond ring

Seb's classic Neapolitan unisex signet ring, set with white & yellow diamonds - fancy!

A timeless golden band, studded with yellow diamonds