09 April 2018

/ Behind the Scenes: Suzi Zutic's Handmade Diamond Ophir Earrings /


Suzi Zutic's new Ophir collection includes a stunning series of Tiered earrings. Rose cut diamonds ranging from icy grey to warm earthy tones catch and reflect warm golden light, crackled with unique natural inclusions. The simple design highlights the beauty of these natural gemstones whilst enhancing the beauty of their wearer.

"I’ve been working with opaque & icy diamonds for a little while now. The soft earthy colours and frosty reflections give these stones an understated elegance & beauty of their own."

Suzi designed and handmade these earrings in her Melbourne studio, and recently shared some images of how they came together at her bench. 

The starting point - a delicious parcel of natural diamond treasures!

Suzi begins the process of pairing the diamonds and laying out potential combinations

The designs begin to come together as Suzi sets the diamonds in her Melbourne studio

Natural light makes these diamonds glow from within

The finished products! View these unique pieces and more on Suzi's Ophir page.