12 September 2018

/ Stacked Up Sapphire Rings /

When it comes to September's birthstone, the sapphire, we advise a more is more approach.

Our artists have created a diverse array of precious rings which celebrate the magic of this gemstone, which conveniently comes in nearly every colour of the rainbow - except red!

Check in at Gem School to learn more about your favourite variety of sapphire or scroll down to view some of our current favourite combinations, all of which are now available in the gallery.

From top:
Diamond ring by Kim Victoria, pink sapphire ring by Tessa Blazey, green sapphire ring by Djurdjica Kesic and yellow diamond band by Seb Brown


From top:
Golden rings by Belinda Esperson, Georgie Brooks, Amy Renshaw and Seb Brown


Petite sapphire ring by Djurdjica Kesic, Amy Renshaw's new Sapphire Dreamer ring, and a sapphire eternity ring by Suzi Zutic