12 December 2017

/ Travel Like an Artist: Daniel + Emma's Hong Kong /

It's time for another installment of Travel Like an Artist, where we explore the wonderful places that inspire our artists.

South Australian artists Daniel + Emma, who exhibited their handcrafted jewellery boxes with us last month as part of X & Y, hold a special fondness for Hong Kong. Read on as they share their favourite Hong Kong moments which centre around food, random discoveries and time spent with family.

"We spend a lot of time in Asia. Much of our childhoods have somehow been intertwined with it, one way or another. Hong Kong is special for us both, it holds many memories and nostalgia but also lots of promise for new adventures every time we visit.
It is a huge source of inspiration for our practice and we like to think that it is the combination of our travels and day-to-day life in Australia that allows us to continue designing fun and original works!"

The Pool
"Hong Kong is hot, and we love it (Emma more so than Daniel)! A recent discovery whilst travelling is to always find accommodation with a pool, and there is no exception in HK. Rooftop pools offer an oasis from the hustle and bustle, and are also excellent vantage points for 360 degree views of the city."

"Food is a running theme in all of our travels but more so in Asia, and especially Hong Kong. Countless hours are spent in supermarkets and corner stores, trawling shelves, trying to decipher packaging and buying many, many things just because they look nice!"

The Streets
"We walk everywhere in Hong Kong, despite it being hot and even though there is an excellent public transport system. Some of our best discoveries of the city were made by making a wrong turn or going up some mystery stairs."

Eating Out
"Eating takes up about 80% of our time in Hong Kong, and it is safe to say that there is rarely a moment when we are actually hungry! Buffet breakfasts roll into Yum Cha, which leads to an afternoon snack then a late dinner."

Mama & Yeye
"Mama and Yeye’s house epitomises our Hong Kong. It is a tiny apartment, cramped and filled to the brim with a lifetime of memories. Daniel's 87 year old grandma and 96 year old grandpa live here; it is where many family meals are shared and our most precious times are spent."

Daniel + Emma's X & Y series of handmade jewellery boxes and vessels, exclusive to Pieces of Eight Gallery