08 January 2018

/ Travel Like an Artist: Peta Kruger's Adelaide Hometown /

As the holidays start to wind up and people return to work, we're keeping those rested and relaxed feelings afloat with another installment of our Travel Like an Artist series.

Following on from Peta Kruger's successful X & Y exhibition with us at the end of last year, we asked this inimitable talent to share some of her favourite moments from her hometown city of Adelaide, South Australia.

"I have lived in Adelaide my entire life; it is special to me because my family and friends live here. However, the process of selecting images for this story made me also aware of locations in and around Adelaide, that are important in my life and work."

"My Mum lived in this house as a young girl. It overlooks a small valley where my family grew cherry trees. I’ve never actually been on the property, only driven past, but stories about this place make the Adelaide Hills seem magical."


Otto Hajek, Adelaide Urban Iconography (1973-77)
My favourite public artwork in the world happens to be in Adelaide, although unfortunately it is currently being torn down after years of neglect. It was the largest public artwork ever built in Australia but now it is disappearing without much notice. It was an expansive, geometric landscape to play within as a child and more recently it provided the perfect setting for Michael Rother from the band Neu! to perform krautrock in 2012.

Innes National Park
Innes National Park is 4 hours drive from Adelaide. I visited the park a few years ago and this trip inspired my passion for revegetating land with native flora.

Peta Kruger's lively jewels from her X & Y exhibition