28 January 2020

Euphoric Jewellery for Fashion Journal

A selection of handmade jewellery from Pieces of Eight Gallery was recently featured in Euphoric, an editorial photoshoot for Fashion Journal.

Proving that unique style is something to be celebrated, this suite of artist-made, handcrafted earrings, rings & neckpieces had us swooning. Thanks to the team of designers and artists who made this project possible:

Styled by Benjamin Bates
Photographed by Casey Horsfield
Model Dre I Prasad
Hair & Makeup Lucie Stauff 

Royal Orangutan Skin ring by Lisa Roet
A bold cocktail ring featuring regal tones of gold and red, designed to impress!

 Whimsical, organic statement earrings from contemporary jewellery artist Nina Oikawa.

The Rich Person earring from Seb Brown.
A gorgeous, unisex earring design featuring a lustrous, baroque pearl drop.

Pearls and silver combine for a traditional-inspired pearl necklace from Julia Storey, seen here in a contemporary light with a fresh focus. Who said pearls were only for old ladies!