22 January 2020

Juan Castro's Augurio: Art Jewellery Meets Sculpture and Anthropology


We're beginning the new year with a bold capsule collection from contemporary jeweller Juan Castro, titled Augurio.

"Augurio reflects an amalgam of aesthetics from the different cultures that have formed the history of my country, Spain. From the colours of elaborate Moroccan tiles, passing by the volcanic texture and landscape of my home islands, to votive religious crowns from the Visigothic Spanish civilisation; all of these pieces carry with them a juxtaposition of everything that has inspired me since my childhood."

In a first for the artist, Juan is adorning our gallery windows in a series of large-scale hanging sculptures, evoking religious artefacts such the botafumeiros (hanging incense lamps) and the Guarrazar votive crown. "I was inspired by the lava landscape of the Canary Islands in finishing the surfaces of these objects," which are crafted from bronze and brass with various patinas, and surface embellishments of gemstones and pearls.

Juan has scaled up his jewellery practice to explore the sculptural aspect of his work, and we adore the outcome. Visible in our windows 24 hours a day, the contemporary objects are complimented by bronze pendant lighting from Volker Haug studio, where the artist has been learning more about object & sculpture design.

Wander past our Melbourne gallery to marvel at this strikingly moody installation.