16 January 2020

Bespoke earring inspiration for your wedding day

So, you have your wedding dress sorted – but what about your wedding jewellery? The earrings you choose for your special day can be a precious keepsake, and a cherished piece to be worn for many years to come. 

Here we’ve curated our top 10 wedding earrings. Each pair is uniquely styled, finely crafted and one-of-a-kind. Get inspired, and visit us in the gallery to try them all on!

wedding earrings handcrafted pieces of eight


Pearl perfection
Pearl Introvert Hoop Earrings by Melanie Katsalidis
A future classic statement that is at once classic and contemporary.

 wedding earrings handcrafted pieces of eight 1


Golden blooms
Springtime Fiori Earrings by David Neale
Choose this delicate, summery statement to subtly embellish your wedding ensemble.


Natural beauty
Sprout Type Two Long Earrings by Yuko Fujita
Express your personal wedding style with a waterfall of delicate petal-like forms.



Japanese-inspired elegance
Ando Earrings by Sarah Ceravolo
Make a classical, contemporary statement with intricate lines and organic forms.



Stellar style
Gold Star Earrings by Seb Brown
Four floating stars to give your outfit that extra, sparkly edge.



Elegant flourish
Layered Three Flower and Pod Earrings by Belinda Esperson
A breathtaking cluster of delicate florals for your carefully assembled outfit.



Pretty pods
Large Golden Double Pod Earrings by Belinda Esperson
Like the wings of a dragonfly, two golden pods to perfectly offset your hair and makeup.


Mediterranean mystique
Suantila Earrings by Juan Castro
Embellish your outfit with a touch of the expressive and ornate.


Intricate opulence
Pearl Sprinkle Earrings by Nina Oikawa 
Endlessly elegant and quietly opulent with plenty of intricate detail.


Grand Statement
Spring Grande Earrings by David Neale 
Finish off your look with these organic beauties.


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