14 June 2018

/ Accumula: A New Collection of Contemporary Ceramic Vessels by Lyn & Tony /


A bountiful collection of ceramics from Australian design duo Lyn & Tony have just arrived, inspired by the mysteries of the deep, and you must pay us a visit to see them in the flesh!

Delicately woven in cotton and covered in an air dried ceramic veneer, the Accumula range extends Lyn & Tony's exploration of forms in nature.

"From the repetition & accumulation of simple cells, everything grows and evolves into incredible, complex forms. This series is our imagining of vessels abandoned on the seafloor, overtaken by corals, barnacles and the pressure of the deep. Nature covers and accumulates, layer upon layer. Pearlescent and iridescent finishes hint at the nacreous beauty of pearls & seashells."

Now visible through our front windows and central vitrine, with a selection of vessels available online.