05 December 2017

/ Blue Topaz: December's Electric Birthstone /


The birthstone for December is the electric blue topaz, a gem that has been revered throughout the ages.

Hindus believed topaz to be a sacred stone that brought wisdom and longevity to the wearer, while African shamans also believed it to be sacred, using it in healing rituals.

Head over to Gem School on our website to learn more about this wise, protective gem, and scroll down to view some of our favourite topaz pieces in the gallery. Thanks to Anna Marrone for her beautiful illustration. 

David Parker's new 'Curve Claw' earring design, set with emerald cut topaz

Lisa Roet's striking silver & topaz cocktail ring

Hamish Munro's 'Froth' ring, set with a mixture of topaz, sapphires & garnets