15 August 2023

Introducing Georgie Harrison: Metamodern Jewellery


We're excited to unveil a new artist to join the Pieces of Eight family, Georgie Harrison!

Primarily self-taught, Georgie combines contrasting techniques of organic hand-formed wax casting with the precision of digital sculpting, to form jewellery crafted by hand and tech.

"As a designer and maker I’m occupied by ponderings of the changing definition of 'handmade' in a world of exponential technical growth, and contemplate how traditional and high tech manufacturing methods coexist in this age of fast paced innovation and new aesthetics."

Georgie came to jewellery after a 15 year career in tattooing. Her lack of formal training allows for a somewhat unconventional approach to making jewellery, and an inclination towards experimentation and exploration in her work.

Describing her collection as 'Jewellery for the Metamodern Matriarchy', she explains, "Metamodernism is the return of a romantic sensibility and is "about creating something new with what was created before while acknowledging the inherent ephemerality of the human condition."
-  Anne-Laure Le Cuff

"My Metamodern Matriarchy is not necessarily relating definitively to gender, but rather embodies a core values system: a hope for a society of equality, authenticity and nurture."

We love her collection for its mix of structure and fluidity; smooth surfaces versus the obvious marks of the digital machine; and the colour she injects with bright gemstones such as topaz, peridot, citrine and sapphires.

Scroll down to view a selection of her earrings, necklaces bracelets and rings. You can also head to Georgie's artist page if you're shopping from abroad or better yet, visit us in the Royal Arcade to try on this bold new collection of unisex jewellery.


The Axon earrings

Contemporary unisex bracelets in sterling silver

The Crease ring has a perfect symmetry rippling from the centre

Both digital and organic textures are evident in the Unresolved Topaz ring and the M3DP ring