28 January 2022

Introducing Zoe Grigoris

Introducing Zoë Grigoris, an Adelaide-based contemporary jeweller and artist who works predominantly in precious metals. She first debuted her work at Pieces of Eight Gallery in 2020, taking part in the Companions exhibition, and we are thrilled to welcome her as an ongoing artist!


"My work is feminine and romantic and plays on ideas of daydreams and nostalgia to create whimsical works that bring a sense of wonder to the everyday. My pieces are textured using traditional mark-making techniques (repoussé/chasing) using steel punches I’ve made myself. My colour palette starts with primary shades, for each piece I play with colour combinations of soft pastels and bold jewel tones. I use floral and heart motifs, detail patterns, colour and movement to manipulate the surfaces of metal, creating the illusion of soft and ethereal objects."
 Images: Lawrence Atkin

Head to Zoe's artist page to view more of her intricately detailed earrings and pendants.