24 April 2017

/ Melanie Katsalidis and her Perfect Pearls: An Ancient Gemstone Seen in an Exciting, Contemporary Light /

Melanie Katsalidis has the perfect range of pearl jewels to suit any mood or occasion.

She presents these lustrous gems in an exciting, contemporary light.
From bold and geometric, to delicate and minimalist.
Exploring edgy, contrasting finishes or soft and feminine gold.
They are the perfect contemporary adornment. Pearls never looked so fresh!

Black pearl stacking ring set, crafted in 9ct yellow gold.

Large pearl 'Hoop' earrings in oxidised silver with a white pearl.

'Golden Triangle' neckpiece, crafted in gold plated and oxidised silver with three white pearls.

'Golden Triangle' stud earrings, in gold plated sterling silver with two white pearls per earring.