28 March 2018

/ Spotlight on Snakes: Contemporary Jewellery Inspired by Ancient Cultures /


It's no secret that jewellery has a long tradition throughout various cultures and civilisations. Many of our artists are inspired by these ancient traditions, and we've noticed quite a few of our jewellers turning their focus to the use of snake motifs!

Snakes and serpents have been used across many cultures and religions to signify a range of things. We've witnessed it used as a symbol of power, to represent regeneration and transformation (due to the fact that a snake sheds it's skin), to symbols of fertility and strength in battle.

Contemporary jewellery often references the traditions that have preceded us. Celebrating ancient notions, we're shining a light on some of our favourite serpent-inspired pieces in the gallery.

The Uroboros ring by ORAÏK draws on a powerful symbol that has been used throughout art for millenia, that of the snake biting it's own tail, representing eternity

Sian Edwards's Python neckpiece uses hand-assembled glomesh to create the effect of reptilian skin. A luxe piece to drape over the body!

Emma Homfray's beautiful statement rings often feature snake motifs, such as this Snake on Globe ring

Anna Sheffield's Tiny Serpent ring is her homage to adornment and amulet, available in gold or silver

Seb Brown's Serpent ring explores memory and eternity in relation to adornment. Available to order in various metal and gemstone combinations