16 May 2018

/ The Era of the Statement Earring /

We're living in the era of the statement earring, where the motto prevails: the bigger the better!

As recently stated in an article in The Guardian, "being alive in 2018 and not going earring shopping would be like living in New York in the 20s and never going out dancing. Or living above Carnaby Street in the 60s but keeping the curtains drawn and moaning about the racket. It’s not just what’s between your ears that counts today: you need to think about what you wear on them."

From bold asymmetrical styles, to loud and colourful resin, or bespoke fine earrings set with never-to-be-repeated luxe gemstones, the artists at Pieces of Eight have risen to the sartorial challenge and are embracing this current trend.

Scroll down for some of our favourites!

Bold, dramatic styles which draw on art & cultural histories:
Asymmetrical Totem earrings by Tara Lofhelm, golden Meadow Fiori earrings by David Neale, and Juan Castro's ancient inspired Bizancio earrings

Luxe statement earrings crafted from the finest gemstones:
Golden diamond drops from Krista McRae, Opal & black Tahitian pearl earrings by Jeremy Bryant, one-off, custom cut Suspended Frame Ametrine earrings by Melanie Katsalidis

Bold & contemporary earrings crafted in alternative materials:
Chicken Feet earrings handmade by Sian Edwards from glomesh, colourful resin Crystal Hoop earrings by Kate Rohde, and bold copper and sterling silver earrings from Meredith Turnbull.

Some epic images of these jewels in action! Thanks to the talented suite of stylists & artists who have created these looks over the years, head to our Journal for individual credits.