12 July 2017

/ Travel Like an Artist: Hamish Munro's Architectural Inspiration from Paris /

Hamish Munro's newest collection of precious jewellery recently debuted as part of our men's group show LUXE-ing, which showcased Melbourne's finest new male jewellery talents.

Hamish's new collection, titled 'Orders', was heavily influenced by the year he spent working from the fair city of Paris, taking in it's rich architectural history.

In this new installment of Travel Like an Artist, he walks us through some of the Parisian buildings that resonated deeply with him, and inspired his architectural-based series.


Brutalist building (architect unknown). Paris 2015.
"I took this photo on my way to Petite Ceinture, a disused rail line that once ran around the peripherique of Paris. Many great buildings from the mid to late 20th century are hidden within the outer Arrondissements closer to the Peripherique and beyond."

Brutalist building, Architect unknown.  Paris 2015.


"The UNESCO Headquarters is located in the 7th. If you have the time, you should really visit when in Paris. The building was designed by Bernard Zehrfuss, Marcel Breuer and Pier Luigi Nervi and inaugurated in 1958. I first visited the UNESCO HQ in 2000 on a family holiday. It was great to revisit 15 years later as an adult."


Tadao Ando Pavilion inside the UNESCO grounds.


Communist party headquarters.
“Not far from where I lived in Paris was the Communist party H.Q., situated in the 19th Arrondissement and designed by Oscar Niemeyer in 1972.
Luckily I happened to be standing at the fence looking in one day and noticed a man leaving. I asked how I could ever gain access to see the inside of the building, expecting him to not understand my French. He replied in English “the annual open day is tomorrow.”

Pictured here is one of the meeting rooms and a view looking down towards the large domed conference hall. The Communist party no longer occupy the whole building due to the decline of members."


"The never ending repairs and restorations of Parisian buildings."