05 September 2017

Travel Like an Artist: ORAÏK's Magical European Awakening

It's time for another installment of our Travel Like an Artist series!

In this issue, the lovely Elvira who forms one half of newly represented jewellery label ORAÏK, shares with us the European sites which resonated deeply with her, and informed the creation of her eponymous collection.

"Travelling has always been essential for me to get new perspectives on life; to dive into fresh air, see different colours, be completely outside of my known frame of reality. I am fascinated by the feeling that I don't have any idea what is going to happen, absolutely unpredictable and magic events may occur and usually they do. I love that."


Lisbon, Portugal, 2008 

When I was 19 and just beginning my studies at Art Academy, I did my first big trip abroad, travelling completely alone. I visited an alternative music festival, something like the European version of Burning Man, and after that I hitchhiked for one month around Portugal and Spain. During that trip I decided to make a habit of it: to spend one month travelling, every summer vacation.


Transylvania, Romania, 2009

Far from civilisation, deep in the mountains, surrounded with wild animals and endless dark green, we gathered and danced, celebrated life. Coming from all over the world, becoming one tribe.


Idar-Oberstein, Germany, 2014

In the southwest of Germany, there is a lost gemstone paradise: Idar-Oberstein, a town with a long history in stone cutting and the jewellery industry. Studies brought me to this place. I completed my Masters degree and it was there at the school that my life crossed paths with Hector, the grounding rod who makes our ORAÏK dreams possible.
Situated in the woods, with the closest highway 40km away, it was the perfect tranquil environment to dive into imagination and create our first collection for ORAÏK.


Ibiza, Spain, 2016

With new visions for the future, we left home to broaden our horizons. The small but very cosmopolitan and lively island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean sea became our new base. It was here that ORAÏK came to experience encounters with the public. People from all over the world come to see our jewellery at the local craft market.


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