17 January 2019

/ Introducing: Ruth Tomlinson /

We’re thrilled to welcome celebrated British jeweller Ruth Tomlinson to Pieces of Eight. Ruth has gained an international following of devoted fans who seek out the wonder and magic of her wedding bands and engagement rings, which appear as if formed by nature itself.

Her collections are highly personal in approach and pay homage to the honesty and rarity of nature’s most precious elements.
Here we chat with Ruth about her passion for nature and how this plays out through her intricate and ethereal jewels.

PO8: How did you come to jewellery-making?

RT: I’ve been making jewellery ever since childhood, taking inspiration from growing up at the seaside and learning an early appreciation for nature, I’d create adornments from natural found treasures. I think it chose me in the end, it’s been an organic process, a natural progression of my childhood hobby into a career!

PO8: Tell us about your unique approach to jewellery making?

RT: I combine ancient jewellery-making techniques with a unique and innovative, experimental approach which I’ve refined into my signature technique of ‘lost wax casting’ with the stones in place, securing them into their new homes during the casting process and resulting in an aesthetic of the stones seemingly buried amongst granules of gold as if encrusted over time.

PO8: Tell us about your passion for earth’s treasures?

RT: Yes nature is in my soul! I grew up with a strong magical connection with nature and her curiosities. My ideas are inspired by my experiences in life – whether I am travelling on a train in India, scuba diving in the tropics, or going for a country walk in the Lake District. My eyes are wide open to new discoveries and I love to observe and absorb my surroundings. Once I have a new idea, I use my sketch book to document and explore the concept further. Then I begin experimenting with materials – my workbench is where the biggest discoveries are made.

PO8: What do your customers love most about your jewels?

RT: We like to imbue our jewels with a sense of magic and wonder that we hope to pass on to their wearers. We like the idea that each jewel carries its own individual story which begins from the day it finds its owner and starts being worn…