05 March 2019

/ Ethical Beauty with MANIAMANIA /

Beyond the incredible beauty of MANIAMANIA’s work is a strong ethical jewellery making practice. From carefully sourcing gemstones and diamonds, to consciously re-using precious materials, jeweller Melanie Kamsler takes an inspired approach to sustainable making.


Many of MANIAMANIA’s clients are seeking wedding and engagement rings that have a vintage look and soul to it. But they’re also concerned with issues of sustainability and ethical sourcing – a topic close to our own hearts.


It’s the perfect match for Melanie, who works with only the highest quality artisans, as well as authorised and verified diamond and gemstone dealers. It’s important to her that they follow the Kimberley Process, and abide by ethical and conflict-free sourcing and practices.



Devoted to both the artisanship and integrity of jewellery-making, MANIAMANIA has attracted a cult following of brides and grooms looking for something unique and special. “We usually custom cut the coloured gemstones in a local lapidary which means the pieces are one-of-a-kind and we are able to create unusual pieces,” she says. “This technique and feeling is important to us, in that each piece is handmade for each client, so they will receive a piece of jewellery unlike any other out there.”



Recently Melanie has been working with reclaimed antique old-cut diamonds from the late 1800s – 1930s. Their beautiful hand-cut appeal makes them not only unique but quite sustainable to work with, and they are guaranteed conflict-free.



When it comes to precious materials, MANIAMANIA celebrates both the new and the old. “We work in 14K gold, and have also just introduced the option of recycled 14K gold in the mindset of sustainability,” says Melanie. “Customers can also select 18K gold or Platinum, and we offer the opportunity to custom engrave a special message inside the ring band, as a complimentary service.”