28 February 2018

/ FRESH! 2018 Graduate Showcase: Announcing the Pieces of Eight Gallery Award Winner /


We're delighted to announce Brooke Coutts-Wood as the winner of the inaugural Pieces of Eight Award at Craft Victoria's Fresh! graduate showcase exhibition.

Celebrating it's 25th anniversary, Fresh! showcases the energy, skill and innovation of some of the best graduating students from throughout the State practicing within craft, design and fine art disciplines, and is now showing until March 10.

Brooke's work was chosen as it displayed an incredible sensitivity & quality of execution. Her 'Study of Softness' series uses different materials manipulated to display an array of tactile and aesthetic qualities relating to the term 'soft'. She is also concerned with the tensions existing in language; how we inherently use labels to categorise and describe all that is around us, and the shortcomings of this tendency.

Brooke Coutts-Wood is a Melbourne based craftsperson with a background in natural & physical sciences and architecture, who completed the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Gold & Silversmithing) at RMIT. Her work examines the ways in which time and history are held by landscapes and objects, and how we interpret and manipulate these histories.

Thanks to Guy Grabowsky, Craft & Brooke for the images.