21 February 2024

Inspiration and Creative Practice | An Interview with Kim Victoria

It's no secret that we love to champion unique Australian design, and with this in mind, we introduce the first in our new Artist Feature series. This series sees us sit with our artists and discuss their creative process, inspirations, favourite gemstones, and the stories behind some of their favourite jewellery pieces. 

To begin this new feature we're profiling beloved Melbourne jeweller, Kim Victoria. We've represented Kim's incredible, textured collection for 12 years, and over that time, have watched her work evolve and soar to new heights, as she continues to push design boundaries, while exploring her love for Australian gems such as sapphires and opals. 

PO8: What really lights you up at the moment when it comes to feeling inspired as an artist?

KV: The place I feel most inspired and relaxed, is my little caravan in The Otways, on Ganubadud Country. It is a treasured contrast to my regular, one-bedroom apartment lifestyle. Walking through the rainforest and feeling connected to the natural world is extremely important to me and I draw on its textures and forms regularly in my work.

PO8: What's one of the most meaningful aspects of your creative practice?

KV: It is absolutely that I am able to make works that signify such important moments in people’s lives. I am always surprised and incredibly touched when clients express their connection with my work. It is such a privilege.

PO8: Do you have a particular gemstone you keep returning to, and what have you learned about this precious stone by working with it over the years?

KV: I have two stones I always return to. From the inception of my practice I have wanted to focus on Australian gems as they are beautiful and also can be sourced from artisan miners and cut in Australia. I absolutely love opals for their mysterious colour play and, when I first started working, they did not appear very often in contemporary jewellery which I felt was outrageous. I travelled to Coober Pedy and was doubly inspired by the stones themselves and the incredible landscape that they are unearthed from. Australian sapphires are also a constant in my work as I adore their range of earthy colours.



If you'd like to view more of Kim Victoria's incredible contemporary collection, visit her artist page here.