17 June 2017

/ Lustrous Pearls: June's Birthstone /

This month we're loving the sumptuous lustre of pearls, the birthstone for June.

The only gem produced by a living organism, the pearl is a true organic marvel with an illustrious history. Recorded across many religions and cultures, one of the oldest fragments of pearl jewellery in existence dates back to 420 BC. Found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess, it is now displayed at the Louvre in Paris. The first mention of pearls goes back even further, as recorded by a Chinese scholar in 2206 BC!

Much loved as a symbol of status and luxury for thousands of years, our artists are starting to enjoy the special properties of this natural gem.

Below are some of our favourite picks to gift to those born in June.
And as always, you can head to Gem School to learn more about this increasingly rare gem.

Kieran Jackson's 'Fixed Lustre #8' earrings
Melanie Katsalidis's 'Pearl Stacking rings', available in white or black pearls

Jeremy Bryant's 'Pendulum' earrings, with pink Edison pearls

Tessa Blazey's 'O-Ren Ishii' ring set with a Japanese keshi pearl

Julia Storey's classic 'Imprint' pendant