19 October 2017


We're losing ourselves in the cosmological mystery of October's birthstone, the opal.

A group of our designers choose to work with this particularly 'Australian' gemstone, highlighting its fiery display of dazzling colours, with no two stones alike.
The Australian opal is considered the finest in the world, as it is the oldest and thus the driest and most stable form of opal. It was formed some 100 to 97 million years ago when the centre of Australia was covered by an inland sea.

Highly valued by many ancient civilisations, head over to Gem School to learn more about this incredibly unique gem. Or scroll down to shop some of our favourites!

Melanie Katsalidis's Opal Element Stacking rings, set with opals from Lightning Ridge, New South Wales

Jeremy Bryant's Helix earrings, set with graduated spheres of opal from Andamooka, South Australia

Kim Victoria's Euphoria ring, set with a white opal from Coober Pedy, South Australia

Sterling silver and Lightning Ridge drop earrings from Melanie Katsalidis; a recent Bespoke commission