08 August 2021

Siren Songs Exhibition

"Come hither, as thou farest, renowned Odysseus, great glory of the Achaeans; stay thy ship that thou mayest listen to the voice of us two. For never yet has any man rowed past this isle in his black ship until he has heard the sweet voice from our lips….and we know all things that come to pass upon the fruitful earth."

- Homer. The Odyssey. Harvard University Press; London, 1919

Often represented as irresistible mermaids luring men to their earthly destruction, the three draw parallels to their unique styles which are connected by feminine and fantastical imaginings. The three have distinct styles which are renowned for producing objects with a powerful, seductive quality. Blazey, Homfray and Rohde have been close friends for several years now and are excited to finally be creating a jointly envisioned body of work. Blazey presents a capsule collection of jewellery inspired by cinematic sirens and mermaids including O Brother, Where Art Thou, Splash, Mermaids and The Lighthouse. Working with an oceanic inspired palette of gems; aquamarines, emeralds and sapphires. Homfray has created a suite of seductive small bronze sculptures, utilising her signature gold leaf finish. Rohde has made a new series of vessels and a small selection of jewellery, made from resin, glazed ceramic and bronze, in a range of pastel pearlescent colours.