05 October 2021

'Blue Heaven' by Ebony Russell


We’re proud to announce Sydney based artist Ebony Russell as our newest represented artist. Created exclusively for Pieces of Eight, ‘Blue Heaven’ is a collection of glazed piped porcelain candle holders - the perfect gift for the festive season. 


“My art is decadent, highly experimental and overtly feminine. I make objects that are an ode to excess, made entirely of decorative ornamentation with the use of high-fired porcelain. My Piped Dream Studio project is a collection of functional pieces that reference the delicate layers and embellishments of my sculptural work”.


"Desire and childhood reverie collide with the artificial colours of milkshake syrup and rainbow swirl ice-cream. Desire can be overwhelming - it can capture your mind, body and spirit - returning you to a quietly held memory through flavour, scent, texture or colour. The Blue Heaven collection celebrates the quintessential confectionery dream - a sugar wonderland frozen in time by porcelain's permanence and imbued with the longing for the eternal summers of youth." 

Explore the 'Blue Heaven' collection, exclusive to Pieces of Eight Gallery.