19 April 2018

/ Travel Like an Artist: Anna Sheffield Visits the Tucson Gem Show /

There's nothing that gets jewellers more excited than visiting a gem show.
Discovering unique treasures and sourcing inspirations for new designs are one of the highlights, but the locations can be just as inspiring.

Such was the case when international artist Anna Sheffield visited the Tucson Gem Show in Tucson, Arizona, United States. She shared a few snippets of the treasures she uncovered whilst there.

One of the magnificent things about wandering the various gem shows is the confrontation you have with colour. Every single nuance and combination on the planet -of the planet- is there, filling your eyes with wonder.

Discovering unique gemstones and diamonds is never a bad thing. I found these one of a kind included quartzes which I can't wait to make into jewels!

And then of course there are DIAMONDS! So. Many. Diamonds.

Though it's down the list from diamonds, the landscape in and around Tucson is no less impressive. The desert is so captivating, so magical. It really holds a special place in my heart, as the desert in this part of Arizona is pretty similar to where I grew up in New Mexico.

Colourful Barrio Viejo is my favourite neighbourhood in Tucson. The architecture and the hand painted signs are the best. I love just walking around and taking it all in.

This year we took a sunset trip out to this amazing church, San Xavier del Bac, which was worth the short drive. There was something so serene about it.


Anna's design sketches