22 November 2017

/ Travel Like an Artist: David Parker's Inspirational Sabbatical /

It's time for the next installment of our Travel Like an Artist series!

David Parker left our shores a couple of years ago to relocate to Chicago, USA where he immersed himself in many sites of inspiration, both natural and man-made. Returning to Melbourne recently (via an enviable journey through Europe), he shared with us the key places he encountered that left a deep impression and have inspired his work.

As a result of David's overseas adventures, we have a selection of new jewels now in the gallery, many of which have been inspired by his travels.
View more of David's new pieces on his artist page.


Chicago Architecture, United States

Chicago showcases some of the world's finest Art Deco, 20th Century and Modern architecture and structures. The blue-green Chicago River flows through the canyons of concrete and steel and provides the perfect vantage point from which to view them. Public art, grand theatres, buildings and gardens abound, making it a truly beautiful city in any season.


Pietà, Vatican City, Italy

"I visited the Vatican in 2015 - the artworks on display were simply staggering; the beauty of the pieces and the devotion and dedication of generations of artists was very humbling. This experience culminated in the cavernous and sparingly lit St Peter's Basilica where I found myself looking upon the Pietà - Michelangelo's Renaissance sculpture of Mary and Jesus after the crucifixion. I am not a religious person but the exquisite depiction communicates such sensitivity, emotion, detail and artistry that I defy anyone not to be profoundly moved when in it's presence. It's the kind of piece that changes your ideas of what is possible in the artistic world. After the initial wonder has left, it leaves you inspired to redouble your efforts as an artist, and driven to improve your work (which now seems somewhat clumsy by comparison...)."


Chateaus of the Loire Valley, France

The Loire Valley is one of the most enjoyable regions of France, home to dozens of Chateaus – each seemingly more fascinating than the last. From hilltop fortresses, palaces that span entire rivers and fairytale castles - each embodies power, luxury, artistry and a history which is unique and entirely its own.


Monument Valley, Arizona, United States

The Navajo Nation in South West USA is home to incredible rock formations known as Monument Valley. It was made famous in Western movies but today thankfully remains very quiet and secluded - which adds to the mystical and awe inspiring quality of the stark buttes and mesas. The striking landscape is both intimate yet magnificent; engrossing yet unsettling. It is rugged beauty at its jaw dropping best.


Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Although in some ways the exact opposite of Monument Valley, the Swiss Alps share with them a fascinating, rugged beauty. The beguiling mountain ranges, culture and people of the region combine to make it one of the most intriguing areas I have visited. To a native Australian the impossibly lush grasses, vegetation and crystal clear lakes and rivers seem wonderfully alien while the towering snow covered peaks provide the ultimate backdrop to views in every direction.