15 March 2018

/ Wedding Ring Focus: Rose Gold Makes a Contemporary Comeback /

We're back with another chapter of our wedding ring focus, and in this instalment, everything is coming up roses!

One of our favourite metals right now is rose gold, which many of our artists are helping to revive with a contemporary comeback. 

Rose gold starts life as pure gold, and is alloyed primarily with copper to achieve its signature blush tint. Once viewed as a metal suited to traditional, antique style rings, its soft pink colour suits many skin tones, and is currently a favoured choice for many wedding bands in the gallery.

Our artists are proving whether a rose gold ring is smooth and subdued, or peppered with coloured diamonds, it's a modern choice that will last the test of time.

Here's just a short edit of our favourite rose gold wedding bands, visit us in the gallery to see more!

Kim Victoria's rose gold and diamond curved Moon Dune wedding ring is a textural delight, inspired by the landscapes of Coober Pedy & Patagonia

Carla Maxine Germann's Tiny Asymmetrical Cluster ring features five randomly scattered champagne diamonds set within rose gold

The Eternal Love ring from Suzi Zutic features rose gold and champagne diamonds, delicately hand engraved in a timeless vintage style

The rose gold Always ring by Melanie Katsalidis is a unisex classic, a timeless design that can be ordered in various metals and widths

The In-Between diamond ring by Luke Maninov Hammond employs strong, modern contrasts for a unique wedding ring style

Anna Sheffield's Grand Tiara curved wedding ring features a crescent of sparkling white diamonds in rose gold, another contemporary classic design

The Scattered Seeds ring by Julia Storey sprinkles diamonds around a textured band, for a visually interesting yet understated wedding ring