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    / Meredith Turnbull: Softbody Sculpture & Hardbody Sculpture /

    / Seb Brown: Fresh Delivery of New Precious Jewellery Now Available! /

    / May Birthstone is the Emerald: We've Got The Jewels to Make You Green With Envy /

    / Opening Night Event: LUXE-ing & Softbody Sculpture /

    / Mother's Day 2017: Time to Thank the Treasured Women in Your Life /

    / Introducing our Newest Artist: Melbourne's Jeremy Bryant /

    / Opening Tonight: LUXE-ing Men's Group Show of Fine Jewellery & Softbody Sculpture Window Exhibition by Meredith Turnbull /

    / Meredith Turnbull: Studio Visit for Softbody Sculpture Exhibition /

    / Coming Soon: LUXE-ing / Group Exhibition of Melbourne Male Jewellers /

    / Melanie Katsalidis and her Perfect Pearls: An Ancient Gemstone Seen in an Exciting, Contemporary Light /

    / Luke Maninov Hammond's Limited Edition Neuroscience Artwork Prints, Raising Money for Schizophrenia Research /

    / Diamond Earrings: New Arrivals from our Favourite Artists / A Contemporary take on a Classic /

    / Easter 2017: Holiday Trading Hours /

    / Beneath the Surface: Opening Night Event /

    / April's Birthstone: Diamond /

    / Gem School Now Live! Our New Website Resource for Learning about Precious Gemstones and Metals /

    / Opening Tonight: Beneath the Surface by Luke Maninov Hammond /

    / Stunning Precious Engagement and Wedding Rings Freshly Delivered by Karla Way /

    / PO8.TV: Behind the Scenes with Anna Marrone, Melbourne Illustrator of Gem School /

    / Coming Soon: Beneath The Surface Exhibition by Luke Maninov Hammond /

    / New Arrival: David Neale Jewellery! /

    / Recent Commissions: Highlighting our Bespoke Beauties /

    / New in the Gallery: Autumnal Neckpieces by Sydney based artists Lyn & Tony /

    / NGV Design Week: What Does Design Value and How Do We Value Design? /

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    +613 9663 3641 / info@piecesofeight.com.au

    Monday to Friday 10am-6pm
    Saturday 10am-5pm