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    Kim Victoria Wearne

    Kim Victoria Wearne
    I will usually start by making collages and drawings that incorporate my own photographs, pages from books and anything that takes my fancy. These two dimensional works then inform my three dimensional jewellery pieces.

    Designer Kim Victoria Wearne draws inspiration from the volcano: not as a destructive force, but rather as a romanticized metaphor for potential. The volcano is a beautiful and mysterious geographical mass that is eventually unable to contain its glittering and molten interior. It explodes and projects forth a resplendent shower of passionate, fiery beauty that overwhelms all in its path. The jewellery pieces are lost wax cast, reminiscent of landmasses that emerge from the heart of the earth. A lava-flow of precious stones and enigmatic opals nestle amongst Kim's signature rocky carvings and intricate engravings.

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    +613 9663 3641 / info@piecesofeight.com.au

    Monday to Friday 10am-6pm
    Saturday 10am-5pm