14 November 2018

/ Travel Like an Artist: Ele Misko's Top 5 Elements for Great Travel /

In our final Travel Like an Artist feature for 2018, Ele Misko shares her top five elements for making great travel.

Nature, food, art, people & experiences are what defines the best in travel for this young artist, who loves to roam the globe. Read on to hear about the places that have moved her and defined her creative path. 

Garmeh, Central desert, Iran
"While living in Berlin, I travelled to Iran with my Dad. We had an extraordinary experience delving into my love of Islamic architecture, Persian poetry, diverse landscapes and a somewhat untouched, rich, ancient and historical world. It was such a treat to go to a country where you are really one of the only tourists. We felt like real explorers and were so overwhelmed with the hospitality and generosity of the people, which surpassed any other culture we had come across before.
Luckily I had friends in Tehran who also gave me a glimpse into the thriving underground creative scene." 

Art Islands, Japan
"I loved the artist islands in Japan. The Japanese government created a wonderful initiative, designed to bring tourism to declining populations on these islands which once thrived, and they did it in a really cool way. They invited some of the best architects and artists to build some of the most cutting edge contemporary galleries and art in the world.

You take a boat over from mainland Japan, hire electric bikes and ride around these scenic islands, gallery hopping to see the likes of Yayoi Kusama, James Turrell and Ryue Nishizawa (pictured above). This is made all the more special by the adorable senior citizens that inhabit the island, who have been given a new lease on life through volunteering at the galleries, meeting tourists and learning English."

New York, United States
"This year I escaped the Melbourne winter, travelling to New York for work/study/break. I studied Diamond, Coloured Gem and Pearl Grading at the Gemmological Institute of America (pictured above), which is the main governing organisation for gem grading in the world. New York is one of my favourite places to be inspired by architecture; you could forever be walking around with your head in the sky. I love how this ultra-modern building reflects the buildings on the opposite side of the street that are from older eras of architecture."

Tasmania, Australia
"I love how diverse the Tasmanian landscape is and how there is literally no one else there - even in peak season! I’m always inspired by patterns, shapes, colour palettes and textures found in flowers, plants, rock formations, animals and the sky. Anytime I connect with nature it really centres me, allowing creative energy to flow."

Berlin, Germany
"I lived on and off in Paris & Berlin for about 7 years. During this time the creatives in these cities naturally gravitated towards each other, collaborating, inspiring and supporting each other’s practices and endeavours. Whenever I go to culturally rich cities in the world, I like to stay & connect with these people to share and discover creation of all genres at that moment in time. This was taken the last time I was in Berlin at my friend’s apartment. I really admire their taste and creative minds, and spent the whole afternoon just watching them work away."